Who we are

At She Matters, we're committed to leaving the world a better place than we found it. We recognised a significant gap between the high number of unemployed migrant women in the Netherlands and the growing need for talented employees in businesses. To address this gap, we built a bridge.

As a social enterprise recruitment agency, we connect highly-skilled migrant women with skills-based employment opportunities and multinational businesses with diverse talent. Our recruitment process is personalised, fresh and future-proof, ensuring that both our clients and candidates continue to succeed in our ever-changing world. And we strive to have a good time along the way!

The big mission
Our why

There are many reasons that drive our work and the incredible women we support are just the beginning. However, all our efforts tie back to one clear 'why': we work to increase awareness and access to the untapped talent pool of migrant women in the Netherlands. Our goal is to empower women and promote equity for all.


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How it started
Our founder

She Matters was founded by Christina Moreno, an international lawyer who overcame poverty and adversity as a teenage mother in the United States. Her personal journey inspired her to support migrant women in the Netherlands who faced similar struggles. In pursuit of this mission, she left her law career behind to dedicate her life to helping these extraordinary women regain control of their futures.

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Christina Moreno

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The women behind the women

Our team

Behind every successful woman, there's often a tribe of other women supporting and lifting her up. Meet these inspiring women who believe in the power of women supporting women.