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Elisa Mozena

Interim Recruiter

With a rich background spanning over eight years in the recruitment industry, Elisa joins She Matters as an Interim Recruiter. Born in Brazil and of Italian descent, Elisa lived in the Netherlands for over 15 years and recently relocated back to Brazil to be closer to family, bringing a global perspective and deep cultural understanding to her role.

Elisa's career in recruitment began at an agency specialised in expats and international companies, where they excelled at matching top talent with global opportunities. This laid the groundwork to become a successful in-house recruiter at a tech scale-up in Amsterdam, where Elisa became more familiar with tech roles.

Before embarking on a career in recruitment, Elisa was a chef in Michelin-starred restaurants, often being the only woman in the room. This experience fueled a lifelong passion for gender equality and advocacy for women in the workforce, particularly in male-dominated environments.

Active in their community since their teenage years, Elisa has always been dedicated to social causes, making them a perfect fit for She Matters. Their unique blend of recruitment expertise, multicultural background, and commitment to gender equality enriches our team and aligns perfectly with our mission.

Elisa is passionate about her work, finding joy in connecting with people from diverse backgrounds and understanding team dynamics to help them hire their ideal next colleague. She is excited to be part of She Matters, and combine her experience in recruitment with her deeply-held personal values.