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Claudia Capellades Escolano

Marketing and Community Manager Intern

Born in China and raised in Spain, Claudia grew up in a diverse environment. After graduating from an international high school in Spain, she pursued her passion for tennis in the United States alongside her education in Mass Communication Studies. Claudia decided to further her education by relocating to the Netherlands where she pursued a Master's degree in Media and Creative Industries.

Beyond her academic and professional pursuits, Claudia is a fan of sports, video games, books, Netflix, and going on walks with her dog, Nala.

As an adopted queer woman of Asian descent who grew up in Spain, she has encountered a variety of cultural challenges. However, these experiences have fueled her passion for empowering women to reach their full potential. With her boundless enthusiasm and unwavering motivation, Claudia is committed to making a difference. She is deeply invested in contributing to She Matters, where she can actively support and uplift women from all walks of life.