Empowering companies with diverse talent

She Matters is a social enterprise recruitment agency helping to build diverse, future-proof teams for our changing world. We achieve this by connecting migrant women who are professionals in their field with multinational companies seeking diverse talent. Our goal is not just to help women find employment, but to empower them along the way.

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Our why

She Matters' story

With personal experience in overcoming poverty and adversity, Christina Moreno established She Matters as a response to the high unemployment rate among migrant women in the Netherlands and Europe. Over time, we've gained valuable insights, particularly that empowering women is a key to unleashing the potential for our societies and economies.

Our how

Our approach (and why it matters)

Empowering women and economies

By connecting skilled migrant women with multinational corporations in the Netherlands, we unlock untapped talent, filling skill gaps and fuelling growth for your company and our economy.

Driving matches through HR tech

Our data-driven process employs AI evaluations to boost accuracy and efficiency, resulting in improved employee matches, retention, and the benefits of a diverse workforce for your business.

With a connection-driven approach

Our founder, with personal experience in adversity, leads a team of HR tech, gender, migration law, and labor market experts. They provide connection-driven support, including personalised coaching, screenings, and client overviews. The result is a friendly and down-to-earth process.

Maximising social impact

As a social enterprise recruitment agency, we creatively align with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to help clients meet the growing demand for social impact. This creates a ripple effect of benefits for candidates, their families, and future generations.

The value of diversity
Diverse talent brings higher retention rates, broader perspectives, increased interest from potential recruits, and upskilling of management. These assets are valuable in today's dynamic work environment.

Outperformance of higher-than-average ethnically diverse companies to their less-diverse peers (McKinsey & Company)


Increase in cashflow for companies with a diverse workforce (Boston Consulting Group)


Average return on sales for companies with more women in leadership roles over a four-year period (The Catalyst)

Joining forces to bridge divides

Our partners

We proudly partner with diverse multinational businesses across various sectors such as engineering, finance, human resources, procurement, supply chain, operations, business and tech.

Empowering talented women to dream bigger

Our talent

Our highly skilled, multilingual migrant women candidates in the Netherlands seek roles in engineering, finance, human resources, procurement, supply chain, operations, business and tech. We help them connect their skills with deserving positions at companies that appreciate diverse, international talent.

Our non-profit arm

She Matters Foundation

She Matters Foundation shares our mission of empowering women to promote equity. Our mission is to empower migrant women to build their social and economic capital, boost their self-confidence and become leaders in their homes, businesses and communities.

Our foundation collaborates with corporate partners, donors and volunteers to facilitate Dutch labour market integration for migrant women in the Netherlands through career readiness preparation under our signature Lotus Flower Programme. She Matters Foundation is designated as a Public Benefit Organisation by the Dutch tax authorities, which grants ANBI status to institutions focused on promoting the general good.

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