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If you're a professional migrant woman living in the Netherlands, we're here to assist you in bridging the gap between your skills and the career opportunities you deserve. We partner with progressive companies that appreciate your unique background and celebrate the path that has led you to where you are today, while supporting your future ambitions.

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Simran at Nike

'Christina was my rock during my interview process with Nike. Her enthusiasm and positive attitude helped me keep pushing and give each step my best. After each interview, she gave extra effort to get feedback and prepare me for the next stage. Her 1:1 coaching boosted my confidence, and I'm sure it'll do the same for many others like me too.'

Simran, Nike


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"Sed sit amet est vel dui consequat lobortis. Mauris volutpat elit sed tellus suscipit euis mod. Sed sit amet est vel dui consequat lobortis."

Christina Moreno

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Commonly asked questions & answers

Who is eligible to apply for the job listings featured on She Matters?

We are committed to supporting women and those with migrant or refugee background and professional experience. Please note that unless the job description indicates otherwise, only applicants who are already residing in the Netherlands should apply.

Which types of companies and positions does She Matters recruit for?

She Matters recruits for positions at multinational companies in various industries, including engineering, finance, human resources, procurement, supply chain, operations, business and technology. The roles we primarily focus on are mid-to-executive level positions.

Where are these jobs based?

Although the companies we collaborate with have a global presence, our focus is solely on job openings located in the Netherlands.

Do you accept candidates from outside the Netherlands?

We can only consider candidates who currently reside in the Netherlands and have the legal right to work here. However, we occasionally have vacancies that allow for candidates based outside the Netherlands, which will be clearly stated in the job description on our Careers page.

Will you assist with my relocation to the Netherlands?

As a recruitment agency, we do not provide direct support for relocation. If a relocation package is mentioned in the job description, this will be supported directly by the employer.

Is the Dutch language required to apply for job openings?

English is the primary language requirement for most of our vacancies. However, we occasionally have positions that require a certain level of Dutch proficiency, which will be clearly stated in the job description on our Careers page. Please check the language requirements before applying to a position.

Do you assist with applying for the 30% tax ruling?

We're unable to apply for the 30% ruling on your behalf, as should be handled by your employer. For more information on the 30% ruling in English, please visit the Belastingdienst website.

I noticed a job that you're recruiting for on another website and I've already applied for it. Would it still be possible for you to assist me?

Unfortunately not. If you'd like our support throughout the application process, make sure to apply through our LinkedIn or Careers pages.

Can I apply to work for She Matters?

Definitely! Any internal jobs will be posted right next to our client jobs on our LinkedIn and Careers pages. If you don't see anything available, you can also email your CV to and we'll keep it on file in case anything comes up in the future.

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