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Datta Jyothi Jammalamadaka

Business Analyst & Recruitment Intern

Jyothi, born in Bochum, Germany, boasts a truly global background with Telugu as her native language and a childhood immersed in the diverse cultures of Gujarat and Mumbai. Her upbringing, a seamless blend of traditions and languages, forms a unique multicultural lens shaping her worldview.

Facing significant life challenges, Jyothi embodies a 'never-give-up' spirit and resilience, fuelling her passion for connecting with diverse individuals. Holding a B.Sc. in Clinical Psychology and an MBA in HR, she recently relocated to the Netherlands, driven by curiosity and a desire to explore new horizons.

Beyond her academic achievements, Jyothi's interests span K-dramas and a deep love for literature and poetry. As a mental health advocate, she crafts verses that raise awareness and foster understanding, using her creativity as a powerful tool.

Having witnessed firsthand the challenges women endure, Jyothi is committed to breaking barriers and fostering inclusivity. Joining She Matters reflects her dedication to contributing actively to a movement that recognises and amplifies women's voices, striving for a tangible and lasting impact.