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Lotus Flower Programme Workshop #3: The Science of Job Searching

Lotus Flower Programme Workshop #3: The Science of Job Searching

Last week we were joined by Amelia Sealey, career coach and founder of B-U Fully, for our third workshop of the Lotus Flower Programme where we discussed how best to navigate the job hunt. While the labour market proves to be unpredictable and ever-changing, Sealey stressed the importance of knowing your personal core values. Sealey emphasized that though the understanding of what you deem valuable, you are able to reflect these values well throughout your work. Led by Sealey, the women of the programme took time to reflect and share with one another what they deemed as their own valuable personal traits. Furthermore, she advised the women of the programme to ‘own your traits and make that your superpower…and show it’ when entering the workplace. 

Utilizing these core values further, the women of the programme began to reflect on what companies they have admired thus far and where they could see their core values reflected in these workplaces. By realizing which companies reflect their core values, the women of the programme are better able to decipher what companies will allow them to flourish personally and professionally. 

In addition to reflecting on their core values, Sealey advised the women of the programme to reflect on their personal and professional pitfalls. Bringing in an example from her own life and discussing her difficulty in asking for help, Sealey discussed how understanding your own shortcomings allows you to better adjust in the future. By being aware for your own shortcomings, you are able to adjust for modifications so to eliminate these shortcomings from hindering your professional goals. 

Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to our partner CIC Rotterdam for providing a lovely space in which we could convene and hear Sealey’s advice on how to navigate the complex process of job hunting. 

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