Team She Matters

She Matters was founded by Christina Moreno, an international lawyer who overcame poverty as a teenage mother, and whose life mission is to empower refugee and migrant women to take control of their lives. Our board of directors includes Radha Friedman, Programme Director with the World Justice Project, who has spent more than two decades working to help women and girls get the rights and resources they need to thrive.

Our talented and dedicated team includes HR professionals, psycho-social support therapists, experts in gender and migration law, labour market consultants and volunteers. We’re also supported by an Advisory Council, which draw on various areas of expertise.

Christina Moreno Founder & CEO

Radha Friedman Board Member

Maxime ten Brinke Communications Specialist

Naima Darwish Project Assistant

Nettie van der Luit Psychotherapist

Saaiqa Merali Communications Intern

Farahnash Soekhlal Partnership Coordinator

Liubi Bosenko HR Specialist

Gulce Onganer Volunteer

Fabio KanagaratnamShe Matters Team