Rym has been an entrepreneur, a corporate professional and a dedicated volunteer across the five countries she had lived in. She had not only developed her linguistic skills (speaking 4 languages), but had truly evolved in a multicultural setting (professional and personal), where cross-disciplinary, strategical collaboration and resilience were key.

Throughout her business career, Rym had always put a great accent on people. At her last work in Istanbul for a university with a broader international strategy, Rym had worked with prospective international students, some of which were refugees in Turkey. Becoming more sensitive and aware of refugees’ struggle, Rym is continuing to help through her involvement with SheMatters in Amsterdam.

Rym holds a Bachelor’s degree (Paris) and MBA (New York) in Finance, and has a daughter and a son that she is raising as third-culture children undertaking linguistic and cultural challenges.

Fabio KanagaratnamRYM ABID-GÜN