Pjotr Steinmetz

Pjotr is a business consultant specialised in change management, business development, and customer experience. With over 8 years of experience in IT, he worked on many complex IT projects. Within IT software development, he specialised himself into an Agile professional doing Agile coaching, being Scrum Master, and helping with IT transformations. Pjotr has a passion for customer satisfaction, customer experience, and working hand-in-hand with customers.

Pjotr is also a co-founder of The Business Connect, whose focus is on company formation services and business development advice.

In addition to being a business consultant, Pjotr is a creative entrepreneur. As the owner of Steinmetz Media & Entertainment, he specialises in multimedia. As a filmmaker, photographer, and graphic designer, Pjotr is committed to reaching people via multimedia. He creates communication concepts and implements them with all different types of media. Creativity is an important theme in all the work Pjotr does.

Pjotr joined She Matters to help with business development and the multimedia strategy. He strongly believes in She Matters’ mission and vision and is actively involved in its growth. With his experience, Pjotr hopes to contribute to making She Matters more successful. ‘I see the work that is being put into this. My goal is not only to see the potential. We really can make a greater difference together – for many women out there.’

Christina MorenoPjotr Steinmetz