Piera Ardessi

Piera Ardessi is currently studying for a Master’s degree in Gender and Postcolonial Studies at Utrecht University.

The creative and positive drive which she perceives behind these disciplines, motivates her to explore through an intersectional approach the ways in which gender, race, ethnicity, class and sexuality shape people’s social and cultural experiences. She firmly believes that helping disadvantaged and oppressed people leads to justice and she advocates for collective power and political activism, if not with immediate impact, at least for future generations.

Piera graduated with full marks, from the University of Trieste in Italy and holds a Bachelor degree in Culturale Heritage and Ancient and modern literature.

One of her aims is to create bridges among people in order to raise awareness about themes such as multiculturalism, the recognition of diversity and gender issues.

She Matters represents the opportunity to reach those goals. Piera is very excited to be part of She Matters since her mission with them is the investigation of human trafficking, SGBV and sexual abuse and the effect of these traumatic experiences on refugees and migrant women.

Fabio KanagaratnamPiera Ardessi