Nettie van der Luit

Ms Nettie van der Luit is an experienced psychologist and psychotherapist currently working at PsyQ International Mental health Services in the Hague. She was born in the Caribbean as a child of Dutch parents.

She grew up in The Hague and went on to study clinical psychology at Utrecht University followed by post-graduate degrees in health-care psychology and psychotherapy. Her areas of expertise include working with personality disorders, young adults and their families, (sexual)trauma, and problems with sexual and gender identity, both individually and in groups.

Coming from a long line of strong women she has always been aware of the potential women have and the importance to use this potential. In her opinion being and feeling included is one of the the most important conditions to mental wellbeing and she feels that including women will be the most effective way to including their families as well. She is very excited to  be a part of She Matters because their mission is very close to her heart.

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