Naima Darwish

Born in Syria and graduated from Damascus University in Education & Philosophy, Naima started to work while studying and was always fascinated with art, design and anthropology. She traveled a lot and lived in different countries all over the world and she believes in embodying the freedom and power of being a woman.

Naima had some challenging issues in her life but she always looked at the positive side of every situation. ‘My family called me the smiley face, I like to smile and enjoying the great chance that we are alive and that we are aware of every moment that we get to spend on our beloved earth.’ As a person who lived in different places and experienced different cultures, her art was always a way of understanding the diversity and differences of various cultures and her operas of art were always a way to focus on new inspiration.

Two months ago, she was celebrating her pop-up event where she met Christina – founder of She Matters – they had a short talk and afterwards, Naima was determined to be part of She Matters. As per May 2019, Naima is joining team She Matters in the role of Project Assistant.

Christina MorenoNaima Darwish