Farahnash Soekhlal

Farahnash Soekhlal is twenty-four years old and was born and raised in Flushing, Zeeland. She moved from being surrounded by dunes and ocean to a faster-paced Rotterdam. The past five years she has been living together with her grandmother and mother. ’Farah’ is an Arabic word and translates into ‘happiness’ and ‘joy’, adequate words to describe her. Currently, she is studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Anthropology, a field that taught her a lot about life. Her interests within anthropology include ecology, sustainability, post colonialism, transnationalism, diaspora and racism.

Farah loves being outdoors, exploring and making connections with like-minded people. She loves being indoors as well, accompanied by a cup of tea and a good read. Her mom calls her a walking encyclopaedia because she loves to absorb new information and storytelling.

Farah has seen women in disadvantaged positions from close proximity. This is the main reason for her to join She Matters. She believes every voice has the right to be heard and every woman should have the opportunity to cultivate her potential. Farah met Christina Moreno during an informal dinner and a connection sparked between them. After she heard miss Moreno speaking passionately about She Matters during an event, she knew she had to contribute. Some things can be as simple as walking up to someone and ask: “’How can I help you with your mission?’

Christina MorenoFarahnash Soekhlal