Angelica Krouwer

Angelica Krouwer is a dedicated advocate for human rights and social justice, and seeks to contribute her skills in ways that will impact disadvantaged peoples around the world.

She is a fervent believer in the power of women, knowing that empowering girls and women is the source of fundamental change. It is for this reason that she strongly believes in the mission of SheMatters and why she is so passionate about working as their new project coordinator.

Previously, Angelica has conducted field research on children born of wartime sexual violence in Northern Uganda. She has also held positions as Country Director Assistant for War Child Holland in Uganda and as a TeamUP facilitator for War Child Holland in Overberg. She has seen first hand the devastating impact of war and displacement on children and women and hopes that SheMatters can provide a much needed form of support to an often over-looked group of people.

Angelica graduated cum laude with a Bachelor’s in political science from Loyola University in Chicago and holds a Master’s degree in Human Rights and Conflict Studies from the University of Utrecht.

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