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Lotus Flower Programme

In collaboration with private sector companies, She Matters Foundation’s Lotus Flower Programme is an intensive 9-week career readiness journey for female newcomers focused on building future proof skills, providing emotional support through female mentorship and employment opportunities. 

We leverage the knowledge and expertise of private sector companies to empower our participants with skills that are in demand and future proof.  Depending on our corporate partner’s industry, each programme curriculum is tailor-made to focus on their sector and areas of expertise. 

To illustrate how it works, we’ve provided information on our most recent and powerful partnership with Nike, Inc. below. 

Partnership with Nike, Inc. 

In collaboration with Nike, Inc., She Matters’ Lotus Flower Programme is an intensive 9-week career readiness programme focused on building future proof skills under Nike’s most inspiring leaders. The substance of the workshops includes: Supply Chain Management, Data Science: Python 101, Physical Fitness, the Big ‘Why’ Journey and more. 

Participant selection

Participants are selected based on the following criteria:

  • Fluency in English (reading and writing);
  • Experience with Microsoft Office (Excel is a must);
  • Minimum HBO/WO college level degree;
  • Open, proactive attitude, eager to learn and share information with others;
  • Motivated to complete the programme and obtain a job post-graduation.

After an initial screening based on the criteria above, participants receive an interview to discuss the programme outline, their future goals and suitability for the programme. This is an opportunity to learn about each other and how we can support them to enter the labour market. 

9-weeks’ workshops

Once admitted into the programme,  our participants attend weekly workshops (both virtual and in-person) facilitated by Nike’s employees. They are matched with a female mentor at Nike who they meet with on a weekly basis for supplemental support and sisterhood. To further their learning, homework assignments are given and are completed each week. 

Graduation ceremony

At the conclusion of the programme, a graduation ceremony is held to celebrate our graduates’ successful accomplishment. The celebration includes the Nike team and our graduates’ family members – those who were fundamental in supporting our graduates’ journey. 

Employment opportunities with She Matters B.V.

With future proof skills learned, an increased network and newfound sense of well-being, our graduates are now ready for their next step: employment. 

The recruitment specialists at She Matters B.V. works with the graduates and our corporate partners to place them into employment that matches their unique profile and career goals.

Contact us to learn more

If you’re a woman (or person who identifies as a woman) with a refugee background and would like to participate in a Lotus Flower Programme, please contact us and include a copy of your CV. 

If your company would like to learn more about sponsoring a Lotus Flower Programme, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.