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Diversity scanner

Diversity in the workplace: obvious or oblivious?

Diversity and Inclusion are becoming increasingly important in the workforce, for some companies this is completely obvious and some are completely oblivious. It might seem obvious to you, but is it truly that obvious? What are your current efforts to create a more Diverse and Inclusive workplace? To what extent is this reflected in your company culture?

How diverse conscious is your workplace?

To help you improve and optimize your strategy and efforts, we’ve created a Diversity and Inclusion scanner. Feel free to check out how your organization is performing and see where you can improve and optimize.
Try taking our short scan and see how your workforce performance in terms of diversity and inclusion.

Discover the benefits of a diverse workplace

Profit from different perspectives
Put a different world views into one space, and you’ll end up with better ideas. But, it’s more than that. A diverse workforce can also give you a better understanding of your customers. In the end, they’re diverse too.
Reduce fear and increase performance
According to The Harvard Business Review “… people like to fit in, so they are cautious about sticking their necks out. When we have a strong, homogeneous culture, we stifle the natural cognitive diversity in groups through the pressure to conform.”
Foster innovation​

Michele Obama says that “sameness breeds more sameness”. Thus, a workforce from diverse backgrounds will bring diverse solutions to meet a shared objective – your objective.

Impact globally
You have the opportunity to make a difference, in every community in which the company operates, through making a difference in the lives of your own employees. This is the chance to develop your business in a global market.