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Lotus Flower Programme Workshop #4: The Skill of Asking the Right Interview Questions

Lotus Flower Programme Workshop #4: The Skill of Asking the Right Interview Questions

Yesterday morning the women of the Lotus Flower Programme were led by Enigma Delgado-Waalzaam, founder and owner of CoBuild, to discuss the importance of asking the correct questions when interviewing for a job. While your main objective is to find employments, Delgado-Waalzaam notes the importance of addressing what the company has to offer to your professional growth. In order to grow in a professional setting, you must be well situated in a healthy environment that suits your individual needs. The ability to reflect on what takes priority for yourself in the workplace, and further, to ask vital questions such as ‘what is company culture’ and ‘how do colleauges collaborate professionally’ is key to discovering the right company in which to flourish. 

Citing her own past work experience, Delgado-Waalzaam shared how her lack of asking such questions resulted in her not taking enjoyment and pride in her work. Furthermore, this displeasure resulted in the stunting of her professional growth. Nonetheless, Degado-Waalzaam reflect on why she found the workplace environment unenjoyable and began to produce a clearer perception of what company would better allow her to professionally flourish. 

Taking a more cautious and detailed approach to the job search, Delgado-Waalzaam was able to feel that ‘I wasn’t selling myself, I was being myself’. Being clear in her professional goals and asking questions during the interview, Delgado-Waalzaam was able to find a workplace environment where she could thrive best. Yesterday”s workshop concluded with the women of the programme, led by Delgado-Waalzaam, sharing what questions they thought would help best decipher if a company has what they are looking for to further their professional goals. 

Lastly we would like to express our gratitude to our partner CIC Rotterdam for providing an excellent space in which we can gather to hear Delgado-Waalzaam’s experience in asking important interview questions so to ultimately find the best fitting company that aids in professional growth and happiness. 

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