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Lotus Flower Programme Workshop #2: Boost your Confidence

Lotus Flower Programme Workshop #2: Boost your Confidence

She Matters and the women of the Lotus Flower Programme convened today to discover and discuss how to further build confidence so to achieve personal and professional goals. As being assertive and determined are two crucial aspects of success, the ability to be confident and positive about your abilities is key in achieving set goals. Yet, often due to fear of failure, this confident attitude is difficult to cultivate and tough to project to the world. 

In her introduction of today’s workshop, Christina Moreno (CEO of She Matters) rivaled this sentiment, stating that in reality ‘failure is what breeds success’, without failure we would not know how to better ourselves. 

Further discussing the necessity of confidence development, the women of the programme were led by Alexander Onia (Owner and CEO of Intelligent Sales Netherlands) in an open conversation of goal setting and how best to achieve set goals. 

Citing the law of attraction – the belief that positive thoughts, in turn, bring positive outcomes – Onia brought forth his own experience in goal setting. Visualizing his goals for success along with the recognition of his own personal and professional strengths, Onia was able to profoundly build his confidence. 

Onia encouraged the women of the programme to cultivate an inner awareness of their strengths and ambitions so to allow their confidence to flourish and shine in any of their pursuits. After discussing with one another their personal/professional strengths as well as their short-term/long-term goals, the women of the programme set the background of their phones to show the positive attributes they had written about themselves over the course of the workshop so to allow their confidence to flourish every time they open their phone. 

Finally we would like to sincerely thank our partner CIC Rotterdam for providing an excellent space to hear Onia speak of his own experience with constructive goal setting and how best to build self-confidence so to rid oneself of the fear of failure. 

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