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Lotus Flower Programme Workshop #1: Innovation and Creativity!

Lotus Flower Programme Workshop #1: Innovation and Creativity!

Yesterday was an exciting day for She Matters and the women of the Lotus Flower Programme as we were joined by founder of Spring Company Janne Vereijken. The women of the programme discussed the importance of innovation and creativity in the workplace. 

The workshop focused on how a diverse workplace comprised of those with differing experiences can help aid in the implementation of innovative solutions. Asking the women in the room ‘What does innovation mean to you? How can you relate to innovation?’, Vereijken began a dialogue that highlighted just how crucial each of their narratives are. 

Throughout Vereijken’s discussion with the women of the programme, she cited passion coupled with the need for change as the point at which crucial innovation flourishes. Therefore, the innovation sector thrives on the differing perspectives often brought forth by these women. Further proving the best results to come by those not afraid to voice their opinions and forge ahead. 

While daunting, both Vereijken and Christina Moreno (CEO of She Matters) agree that voicing one’s ideas and believing in oneself truly inspires great outcomes that can change the world and how we perceive it. 

Finally, we would like to thank our partner CIC Rotterdam for providing such a lovely space to hear Vereijken’s past leadership experience and discuss how our experiences can inspire innovative solution in the future. 

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