Integration in the workplace

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It’s week five of our Lotus Flower Programme! Our participants are gearing up for new kinds of challenges and opportunities. And we’re helping them to find out how to integrate into their new environment. What’s more, how can they stay true to who they are?

Our key tip for newcomers? Listen. Listen to people around you. Not in the sense of adhering to everything they say (except of course adhere to the tasks you are given). Simply listen and observe how people deal with each other. So observe, ask questions, build relationships with your new colleagues and make friends.

This week, we’ll also look into the Do’s and Dont’s of workplace etiquette. We’ll walk our participants through the specifics of integration and assimilation. And hopefully and most importantly, help them open up to a whole new world.

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Nadia KramarenkoIntegration in the workplace

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