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Meet Egana, one of our powerhouses!

Meet Egana, one of our powerhouses!

Have you ever found yourself wondering what makes our Lotus Flower Programme graduates successful? They are working towards their dreams. Egana did just that, plus she’s is professional and fun to work with.

Egana has recently shared her story publicly. Give it a read and get inspired to challenge yourself.

Once upon a time, a little girl dreamed of freedom and a miracle that could change her life…

In May 2021, a random advertising poster marked the beginning of a difficult but exciting journey.

Nike and She Matters offered to participate in the unique Lotus Flower Programme. At that moment, I didn’t know how good I was and whether I fit this program.

I remember our first conversation with Christina and her enthusiasm when she told me: I really want you to join this program! Yes, it depends on you, but remember that you are strong and your past is unique! I would really like you to take a chance and go on this exciting journey.

It looks like a chance. And I got it. At that moment, I couldn’t even imagine what kind of support I would get, that I would find not just new acquaintances, but a meeting of friends, sisters.

I remember how we were supporting each other, sharing weaknesses, fighting, crying, laughing and even dancing… Well, all right. I was dancing.

My dear friends, sisters. I appreciate the support of each of you, your jokes, fears and experiences will become a part of me, as I hope that I’ll remain a part of you.

Thank you to my mentor Kim. To talk easily about important things, to overcome difficulties with fortitude and to believe in myself – I did it with your help.

Thank you to the entire Nike team for sharing these emotions and knowledge.

Thanks to the whole team She Matters. Especially to you, dear Christina.

Your enthusiasm, unquestionable faith in me, supervision, friendly support, excellent understanding of my experience, sensitivity and tact, well, and your laughter… we laughed a lot and often. And I would like to continue.

In September 2021, I held the coveted certificate with a slight sadness in my heart and thought, is it really over…

But, fortunately, I was wrong.

February 2022 gave me a new opportunity.

Congratulate me, because now I’m part of the MYLAPS team.

Dear Christina, you repeatedly telling me that I am your whiz kid. In this case, you are my fairy godmother, supporting and guiding, helping to believe in yourself and never give up.

Thank you, this is not only my victory, this is our victory.

Not a long time ago, a little girl turned her dreams into reality.


Thank you to Egana for her inspiring words and her testament to our work at She Matters.

We’ve developed a unique two-tiered Employment Journey that starts with She Matters Foundation’s career readiness programme (our Lotus Flower Programme) and ends with She Matters B.V.’s recruitment services. The final destination: Employment. If your company is searching for talent with a unique set of skills, email us at info@shematters.nl. Let’s create a win-win situation for both female newcomers and businesses!

Photo credit: ICON Photography

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